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Our designs begin with quality engineering, the latest technology and software, and skilled well-trained personnel. We analyze the parts to be designed, determining optimal processes and methodologies. Our commitment to virtual forming simulation and full process verification of designed-for-manufacture parts results in optimized conceptual design, better material utilization, and accurate depiction of the product as it is progressed through the solid modeling stages of the die design and automation.

Frequent and open communication with our customers during the design phase ensures that they are satisfied and that all their requirements are implemented in the design. Throughout the early design process the experiences and dialogue of our customers is captured and transferred into the final die design product.



Our comprehensive forming analysis procedures consider all aspects of the parts as they are processed through the tooling.  Forming, trimming, and spring-back detection and compensation are computed, adjusted, and cycled numerous times to achieve the desired result. Trim and form optimization steps are calculated to obtain best material utilization and minimum part handling. This critical step in the part process is an integral part of the tooling cycle and is a focal point of our advanced development planning.

Tool Build


Our skilled, experienced toolmakers have many years of expertise and a desire to get the job done right and on time.

We offer the complete tooling product with all processes performed on site. Once the design is approved, it is released to the shop for milling, grinding and CNC tasks. Our machining, assembly, and tool trial departments house a full complement of equipment for all component processing needs that include 2-4 axis machining, water jet and laser cutting, white light scanning, and multiple press flexibility.

After the forms are machined and preliminary tooling assembled, the tool is tested and any necessary adjustments are made using the data from simulation as a road map through form development. We utilize our 5 axis laser to develop trim areas, then wire-cut the sections and assemble the die for production intent trials.



We offer laser cutting services for steel parts up to .500" thick.


We also offer water jet cutting for steel parts up to 6.000" in thickness.




We provide in-house stamping from the following presses:


- One 400T - press 60" x 104"

- Two 600T - press (72" x 130")

- One 800T - press (84" x 144")

- One 1,000T - press (84" x 144")

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